Where to next?

The basics we have covered here are often enough for new users to get started using Aeon Timeline. For some users with small and simple timelines, this may be all they ever need.

There are a lot of advanced features within Aeon Timeline that you may want to explore down the track, but it is often best to let it evolve naturally – wait until you feel like your timeline is getting too complex or cluttered, or you feel like you need a particular feature, before you seek it out.

A few areas you may want to review as your timeline develops are:

  • Navigation options to help you move around and find content within your timeline as it grows 
  • Look at Settings to edit the timeline template 
  • Event dependencies, if you want to tie event dates together 
  • Nested events, if you want to be able to show or hide more detailed timeline events as you change zoom. 
  • Filters, if you want to be able to focus on a subset of your overall timeline 

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