Grouping events by entity

Due to the smaller screen sizes for the iPad version, grouping works differently on the iPad than on the Desktop. This article discusses how grouping works on the iPad version only.
As your timeline grows in complexity, you may not want to view all of the events on your timeline jumbled together into one big pile, but instead focus on different classes of events at a time.
There are several ways to do this, but one of the most common ways you will want to divide events is based on their relationships with entities. For instance, you may only want to view events associated with a particular character in your novel, or a particular Project in your development plan.
Aeon Timeline provides a fast way to switch between different groups of events in this way.
To begin, tap on the name of an entity type (e.g. Character) in the left hand side bar. This will open the entity list.
If you have not changed groups before, you will see that All events is highlighted at the top of the list. This indicates that you are currently viewing all events in your timeline.
To view only events associated with a single entity, tap on that entities' name in the entity list. Your timeline will now be filtered so that only events associated with that entity are displayed.

The label at the top of the timeline changes to indicate the group that is currently displayed.

If an entity has a birth or death, these will be marked on the timeline when that group is selected.

Tap the entity type again and choose a new entity to quickly switch between groups. You can switch to any entity of any type in this way.
To return to viewing all events, tap on any entity type in the Side Bar, and then tap on All events
You can also choose to view events that are not allocated to any entity by choosing the No Character option (or likewise for any other entity type)

Comparison to Desktop App

This provides a similar function to the Group By option in the Desktop app. The main difference is that the iPad shows only a single group at a time, whereas the Desktop version stacks multiple groups on top of each other.

This is because the limited screen size on iPad makes it difficult to scroll and navigate between groups, so switching between them via the side bar makes navigation much faster and easier.

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