Edit mode

Putting the interface into Edit Mode allows you to access a range of additional features and interactions.

To go into Edit Mode, press and hold on either the Timeline or Relationship View. The toolbar color will change and some additional toolbar icons will become visible.

Edit mode also allows you to change event dates by dragging them on the Timeline View. You can only drag events that have already been selected, so tap on it once to select the event. Once selected, you can move the event by dragging it across the timeline.

A line will indicate the current drop position, and a text callout in the centre of the screen will tell you how far you are moving the event, and what the new date will be.

You can also drag multiple selected events (see below). All selected events will be dragged.
Some events, such as dependent events whose dates are calculated from other events, cannot be moved. The text callout will tell you if this is the case.
In edit mode, you can select more than one event. Tap on an event to select it, or tap on it again to remove the event from selection.

Once multiple events are selected, you can click on the Edit (pencil) icon in the toolbar to open the inspector and edit all of the events at once.

Only values that are shared between all events will initially be visible. Any changes you make will be applied to all selected events.

Tap on the trash can icon in the toolbar to delete the selected events.
Tap on the three-dots (more) icon in the toolbar to see further advanced edit options, including bulk-shifting events, embedding selected events in a new parent, and making selected events consecutive or dependent


Tap on Done in the top left corner to leave Edit mode.

Sometimes, if you have multiple events selected for a previous bulk edit, this will be the quickest way to clear the selection (rather than deselecting them one by one). You can tap done and then press and hold to re-enter Edit Mode with a clean selection.

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