Properties are additional fields you create to store information about events in your timeline. If you wish to track additional metadata fields relating to your event, you can add properties in Settings. Tap on "Add new property" to add a new property to your template, or tap on an existing property to edit or delete it.

Property Types

You can set the following values for each property:
Name: A unique name used for the property.
Type: The type of value you want to store for the property. Allowed property types are:
  • Single-line text
  • Multi-line text
  • List of options
  • Integer number (whole numbers without a decimal component)
  • Decimal numbers
  • Currency
  • Percentage (a numeric value from 0 to 100)
  • Yes/No (a boolean value representing true/false, yes/no, on/off)

Calculating parent values

For numeric (integer, decimal, currency and percentage) and Yes/No properties, you can choose to calculate the value for a parent based on the value of its children. Situations where this may be useful would include:

  • Project planning, where the percentage completion of a parent task is determined entirely by the percentage completion of its children
  • To-do management, where an event is only completed (Yes/No) when all of its children are.
  • Calculating costs of a project, where the costs of a parent task are based on the sum of all of its children.

Turn on the calculate parent’s value from children button to turn this feature on for the current property.

Calculation Mode: Specifies how child values should be used to calculate a parent, according to the following options:

  • Integer/Decimal/Currency:
    • choose from sum, min, max, or average.
  • Percentage:
    • A single option, “weighted percentage“, is provided. This option weights the contribution of each child based on its duration (e.g. a child lasting 3 months will be given 3x the weighting of a child lasting 1 month).
  • Yes/No:
    • Choose from All (parent is true only if every child is true) or Any (parent is true if any of the children are true)

Fading events on the timeline

For certain projects, it can be useful to fade events on the timeline once they are completed.

A single Yes/No or Percentage property can be used to determine whether an event should be faded on the timeline.

Turn on the Use to fade completed events button to have events fade when the selected Yes/No value is Yes/true, or when the selected Percentage value is at 100%.

Note that only a single value can be used to fade events. Turning it on for one property will turn it off for all other properties

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