Range Settings

Range Settings

The Range section of Settings allows you to edit details for the x-axis of your timeline. Most of the time, this will relate to the Date properties of your timeline, but numeric timelines are available that use numbers instead of dates.

Name: If you want to use a name other than the standard “Date” for this property, you can change it here.
Style: Choose whether you want to use regular dates or one of the relative styles. This setting is only available for date-based timelines and not numeric timelines.

Edit Calendar: Click on this button to edit the calendar used by the timeline and create your own Custom/Fantasy calendar.

Note that calendars can only be changed for new timelines before they have any events or entities.

Zoom Limits: Aeon Timeline is capable of zooming out to show billions of years, or zooming in to show minutes and seconds. Use these values to specify the minimum and maximum range of zoom allowed in the timeline.

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