Attachments and Images

What are Attachments?

Events can have attachments associated with them. These are files that you can add from your iPad, iCloud or Dropbox account that are copied into your timeline. This will increase the size of your timeline file, however they will always be available in your timeline so you will still be able to access them if you are sharing the timeline between devices, or with the Desktop application.

Under the Attachments heading in the inspector, you can:

  • Add new attachments by tapping on the + symbol. This will open a file browser window, which will let you browse files on your iPad, iCloud and Dropbox account. Choose the file you want to attach and tap Done.
  • Remove an attachment by tapping Edit, selecting the attachment to remove and tapping Delete attachment.
  • Open an attachment by clicking on its title

What are Images?

Images are a special type of attachment which you can associate with an event. Once you add an image, it will then display in the inspector for that event. You can only add one image per event.

When you add an image, it will give you three options

  • Camera Roll
  • File Browser
  • Capture new photo
Camera Roll

A popup window will appear which will allow you to browse the images taken by your iPad and stored in your Camera Roll. Tap on the image you want to add.

File Browser

A file browser window will appear that will allow you to browse files stored on your iPad, iCloud Drive and Dropbox account. Files must be of the format PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP to be added as an image.

Capture new photo

This will launch the camera on your iPad. Once you have taken a photo, it will ask you if you want to Use the Photo, or Retake. Once you are happy with the photo you can add it to the timeline.

A popup may appear asking for Aeon Timeline to access the camera on your iPad. This is needed if you want to take a photo and directly associate it with an event from within the application. Otherwise you will need to take the photos you need before starting Aeon Timeline. Click OK to allow access.

Once the image has been added, you can tap on it in the inspector to view the full size image, remove the image, or choose another.

Images are similar to attachments in that they are copied into your timeline file. Therefore if you are sharing your timeline file between devices or the Desktop version, your image will always be available.

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