Created by the team at MacPaw, Setapp gives users access to dozens of curated apps under a single subscription fee, including Aeon Timeline 2:

Does this affect my existing license?

No. Aeon Timeline licenses will continue to be sold via multiple channels, including our website and the Mac App Store.
We still consider direct sales via our website to be our primary sales and support channel.
If you already have a license for Aeon Timeline 2, you do not need to do anything. Your existing license will continue to work and we will always provide full support.

Can Setapp customers access Aeon Timeline on Windows?

No. Setapp is a Mac-only platform. If being able to use Aeon Timeline on Windows is important to you, you will need to purchase a license directly from us instead.

Are there any differences between Setapp and normal versions?

No, the two versions are identical (except for the licensing). Choose whichever model works out best for you financially.

If I cancel my Setapp subscription, can I still use Aeon Timeline?

If you are a current Setapp user who wishes to continue using Aeon Timeline after cancelling a Setapp subscription, you will need to purchase a license from us.

Can I get a refund on an existing direct license purchase?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for existing license purchases if you switch to using Setapp.

Should I buy a license or subscribe to Setapp?

We wouldn’t have signed up with Setapp if we didn’t believe in giving users the choice, so choose whichever approach you prefer or gives you the best value.

Where can I get support for Setapp?

If your support question relates specifically to Aeon Timeline (i.e. a bug fix, or a feature request), then you should contact us.
For questions related to Setapp generally, including billing, accounts, cancelling subscriptions, the Setapp desktop app etc. you should visit  Setapp’s support page.

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