How to print your timeline

To print your timeline, perform the following steps:
  1. Adjust your timeline until it looks the way you want it to when printing, including:
    • Zooming to the desired level
    • Grouping by the desired entity type
    • Collapsing groups you do not want to print
    • Grouping by the desired entity type
  2. Collapsing groups you do not want to print
  3. Applying a filter to reduce the number of visible events
  4. Select Print… from the File menu.
  5. The print options dialog will be displayed (shown below).

In this dialog, you can:
  1. Set the preferred Skin for printing. Aeon Timeline comes with a printer-friendly “black text on white background” skin called Print.
  2. Adjust the scaling for the printing. Scaling the text in this dialog will give better clarity than using the native scaling that is part of the OS or your printer.
  3. Select whether to print:
    • Just the current window (as displayed on your screen)
    • Your entire timeline, from the first event to the last
    • A specific date range (entered in the Start/End date pickers further down the window)
  4. If printing a date range or the entire timeline, you can choose whether to Print expanded groups only.
    • With this option checked, any collapsed groups will be omitted from the printing entirely.
    • Otherwise, they will be printed as “collapsed groups”.
When you are happy with your Print Options, click OK.
You will then be shown the native print dialog for Mac or Windows, where you can select your preferred printer, page ranges etc. before printing.

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