Export Image/PDF

Important Note for Mac Users

As the Mac save dialog does not currently show a list of available extensions, you will need to type the file extension with the filename, or it will default to PNG.
For example, if you want to export to a PDF file, you should type “abc.pdf” as the file name.

How to export an image or PDF of your timeline

To export your timeline to an image, perform the following steps:
  1. Adjust your timeline until it looks the way you want it to when exported, including:
    • Zooming to the desired level
    • Grouping by the desired entity type
    • Collapsing groups you do not want to print
    • Applying a filter to reduce the number of visible events
  2. Select Export -> Image from the File menu.
  3. Choose whether you want to export:
    • Just the current window (as displayed on your screen)
    • Your entire timeline, from the first event to the last
    • A specific date range (entered in the Start/End date pickers further down the window)
  4. Windows users: click OK to bring up the save dialog. Mac users will already have the save dialog open at this point.
  5. Choose a location and enter a file name for the file. Aeon Timeline can export to the following file formats:
    • PNG (recommended, extension *.png)
    • JPEG (extension *.jpg or *.jpeg)
    • BMP (extension *.bmp)
    • PDF (extension *.pdf)
Depending on the size of the image you are exporting, the image may take several seconds to complete the export.

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