How to use Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a way of saving specific points in time in your timeline. A bookmark saves your zoom level and your scroll position. So if you need to jump from a second-by-second action scene to a billion year history, bookmarks can save time.

Adding bookmarks

Click the Add button on the bookmarks bar at the bottom of the screen, or you can click on the menu: Timeline > Bookmarks > Add Bookmark.

Removing bookmarks

Click the X button on the right side of a bookmark to remove it.

First and Last buttons

These buttons scroll the main view to the first and last event respectively.

Next and Previous buttons

Clicking on next will take you to the next event to the right of your current view.
Clicking on previous will take you to the previous event to the left of your current view.

Sorting bookmarks

You can sort bookmarks by clicking on the menu: Timeline > Bookmarks > Sort by Name / Sort by Date.

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