Navigating Your Timeline

All the ways you can zoom, scroll and search your timeline to find the information you need quickly.


Aeon Timeline 2 allows you to zoom in and out of your timeline to the time scale you wish to see: anything from billions of years to individual minutes and seconds.

You can set the minimum and maximum zoom levels allowed for your timeline via Timeline Settings, and  fluently zoom in and out using pinch gestures, ⌘ + scroll wheel/gesture (Mac), Ctrl + scroll wheel (Windows), or by adjusting the zoom slider on the toolbar.


For timelines that cover large time periods with several key moments interspersed throughout, bookmarks allow you to quickly jump between different time periods. If you have a particular time you want to bookmark, scroll to that time period, zoom to your desired time scale, and then add a bookmark for that location.

Each time you click on the bookmark, your timeline will zoom and scroll back to your desired setup.


Activate the search bar by hitting ⌘F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows), type a search term and hit enter to select the next event that matches your search and scroll it into view. You can jump between multiple matching selections using Find Next and Find Previous.

For fast navigation to any point in time, simply type a date into your search field to scroll your timeline directly to that date.

Context Bar

The Context Bar acts as a tricked-up horizontal scroll bar for your timeline. The lens highlights your current position within the timeline, while the remainder of the bar shows you current events in your current view and the surrounding timeline.

Drag the lens to scroll the timeline, or click on any other location on the Context Bar to jump directly to that date. You can also adjust your zoom by resizing the lens from its left or right edge.

Scroll to Group

With events divided into groups based on your chosen Entity Type, it is important to be able to navigate quickly between groups. Rather than scrolling vertically to hunt down your desired group, you can use the navigation bubbles on the right-hand edge of the screen to quickly jump between groups.
Hover your mouse over each bubble to see the Entity Name associated with each group, and click on the bubble to scroll your timeline to the top of that group.

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