Unable to Activate License

If your license is failing to activate, please check the following steps to see if any of them could be an issue:

Aeon Timeline needs the internet to activate the license code, so check that you are connected to the internet while trying to activate your license. (Once you have activated the license you do not need the internet to run the program).
Check which version of Aeon Timeline you are running for your license code. If you are still using a version 1 license, then you need to download the correct version from our website. Older versions of Aeon Timeline are available on our download page here:  https://www.aeontimeline.com/download/ (look at the bottom right hand corner of the page).
When activating a license code, your email address must not contain a plus sign (+), otherwise the activation will not go through. Check that your email address does not contain this character.
Check that there are no white/blank spaces at the beginning or the end of the code. The program will read the white space as extra characters and therefore the activation will fail.
An Aeon Timeline license is able to be activated on up to 5 machines. If you have reached this limit you will no longer be able to activate it on a new machine until you deactivate it on an old one. You can deactivate a license under Deactivate in the Help menu (Windows) or the Aeon Timeline 2 menu (Mac). You can email us at  support@aeontimeline.com for help if you do not have access to your older machines.
Check that there is not a software or hardware firewall blocking access to the server. This should only be a potential problem when activating the license, and once activated running the program with a firewall should not be an issue.
For Windows 7 users: Check that your computer is using TLS 1.2. TLS is a system which is used when establishing secure connections to servers. A recent industry-wide push has seen previously supported TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 deprecated and replaced by TLS 1.2. This is to ensure card payments and other such secure information remains as secure as possible. The industry body responsible set a deadline for this changeover to occur, which has recently passed.
TLS 1.2 is supported by default in all of the latest operating systems, but Windows 7 is old enough that it supports the newer protocol but does not have it enabled by default. If your current version of Windows 7 doesn't support TLS 1.2, it cannot communicate with the activation server correctly.
To turn on TLS 1.2 or check if it is enabled you need to follow these steps: 
  • Click on the Start/Windows button
  • In the Start menu, type "Internet Options" where it says "Search programs and files"
  • When the "Internet Properties" window opens, click onto there Advanced tab In the long list of Settings, scroll to the Security section, and find the checkbox called "Use TLS 1.2"
  • Tick this box, and click Apply

This should enable TLS 1.2 on your machine, and allow the license request to go through.

If these steps still do not help, please contact us at  support@aeontimeline.com with your license code and we will further investigate the problem.

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