Recovering Lost Files

Aeon Timeline keeps automatic backups of files each time you close the timeline. These can be helpful if you have lost your files or they have become corrupted. To find the backup folder, do the following:

Open Aeon Timeline
On Mac: choose "Preferences" from the "Aeon Timeline" menu; On Windows: choose "Options" from the "File" menu
In the Preferences/Options window, look for the "Automatic Backup" section, and click on "Open in Finder..." for Mac, or "Open in Explorer..." for Windows
In that folder, there should be a large number of backup files.
Look for the group of files with names matching your file. For example, if your file is called "Timeline" , look for files such as: Timeline_AutoBackup1, Timeline_AutoBackup2, Timeline_AutoBackup3, etc. These are sequential backup files from the last 10 times your file was closed.

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